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DM Screen and Mini Case

This DM screen has internal compartments that house interchangable trays for minis from size small to large.  It comes with 3 large mini trays that hold 5 minis each.  There are 2 small mini trays that can hold 12 minis each.  There are 10 normal mini trays that hold 10 minis each.  There is also a tray that hold 2 sets of dice and has aditional slots for 2 aditional d20s, d6s and d8s.  The case comes with a handle for easy transport and colapses to a 12"x9.5"x6" box for easy transport.  The two side walls come with a metal strip and magnets to the DM to keep their notes.  The four walls that face the players have cool laser cut imges on them.

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