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Premium Large Inlay Boxes

This is the same as the Premium Big Collapsible Dice Box but instead of the images being laser cut into the top of the box the images are made from different types of wood being inlayed into the lid.  This style is great for people who really enjoy the natural beautyof the different woods.  You can select what type of wood you would like as the primary wood which is the one the other woods will be inlayed into.  You can also select the wood or woods you would like for the secondary woods which will be the ones that will be inlayed.  You can also select if you would like the inside of the box to use a combination of the woods or you would like to use just the primary wood on the interior. 


I currently just have the beholder and the displacer beast examples completed but more are on the way.  I am currently working on designs for a dragon and an owl bear.  I am up for making custom work so if you have a particular idea that you would like shoot me a message and I'll let you know if I think it will work or not.  Company logos work well for this but I can't do any copywriten logos or images no matter how much I would love to make a Critical Role one. 

    Primary Wood
    Secondary Wood
    Interior Wood
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